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Awards, Trophies & Results


Giving back to the communities and respecting the river and country is at the very heart of the Massive Murray Paddle.

Paddling 415km down this great river is a major achievement for anyone and is also a cause for celebration.


The award / trophy system is based on how well you paddle, how well your fund-raising efforts are and your contribution to the event.


To reflect on one of the Dreamtime creation stories of Dhungalla (River Murray); The great hunter Ngurunderi, paddled his Yuki (Canoe) down the river chasing the giant fish Ponde (Murray Cod).


Ngurunderi paddled a Yuki and so do we. As paddlers we have a direct relationship to the story and therefore we have a responsibility to use our Yuki to help sustain the communities along the river; the same way that Indigenous Australians have done for over 10,000 years.


The MMP race distance and course changed in 2023

Yarrawonga to Koondrook @ 415km.

Note: due to flooding the delayed November 2022 race; revised to February 2023. This race was 415km however we raced an altered course: Yarrawonga to Tocumwal x 2, Picnic Point to Moama, Moama to Torrumbarry Weir x 2 = 415km

We expect that the November 2023 race will be the first of the official new course - Yarrawonga to Koondrook

The River Trophy / The Overall Massive Murray Marathon Champion

This award celebrates the paddler (s) that paddle fast, paddle fair as well as contributing to your chosen cause.

2022 (Feb 2023) Winners

Male: - Sean Murphy - 34hrs.43.07

Female: - Mitzi Klein - 48hrs.03.49

  • The YUKI Trophy / The fastest single Canoe or Outrigger (Male & Female)

This award celebrates the paddler (s) that paddle fast, paddle fair as well as contributing to your chosen cause.

2022 (Feb 2023)

Not held


  • Ponde Trophy

This trophy is awarded to the leading overall craft based on handicap time.

2022 (Feb 2023) Winners

Yung Things - Frank and Annette - 29hrs.36.42

Canoe Brothers - James and Steve - 29hrs. 51.15

Mark Murray - 30hrs. 03.49



  • The Bill Dunn Trophy

This trophy is awarded to the leading overall craft used by a relay team, based on handicap time.

It is open to any relay team, from a 2 person relay in a single through to the K4 teams.

Who is Bill Dunn?
Well the Murray wouldn't be a race with out him. 38 Murray Marathons / 33 SOLO and 5 Relay.

8 Times Full Distance in Canoe Kneeler. He has also paddled in Mixed, C4s, Solo, Doubles and as a Dilligaf.
With Rod Clark they smashed 30 hours in a C2 (29hrs.10min.09sec).
He is a true legend and gentleman of paddling and we are honored that his family has allowed us to name this important trophy after him.

2022 (Feb 2023) Winners

Footscray Living Fossils




  • Mark Thornthwaite Awards (Individual & Team)

* This long standing award has evolved to celebrate an individual and team (paddlers & crew) that raises the most funds (inc volunteer time) for their chosen cause.

2022 (Feb 2023) Winners


Jackson Farley / Patrick Kovac - $24,025 (joint winners) for SAY.Au


Ruby's Team - $29500 - Ruby Hammond Scholarship

Ignorance is Blisters - $6445 - CFA, Smith Family - Wires

Army Logistic Training Centre - $4000 - Legacy

Total for Feb 2023 - $94208

and the many other amazing people that helped raise $989,650 since 2016.


  • Dhungalla Award

The tag line of the Massive Murray Paddle is 'Connecting People, River & Country'.

It is an event that has been redesigned to highlight the overall spirit and motivation of 48 years of paddlers.

The Dhungalla Award will be awarded to the individual or team that expresses the spirit of why we paddle the River Murray and how we best associate with the events tag line.

The Dhungalla Award will be decided by The O'Brien Family, Staff members (SHK / Mirage) and by submissions by the Volunteers and other Competitors.

2022 (Feb 2023) Winners

Army Logistic Training Centre


  • Nyerna Trophy

This trophy will be presented to the high school or Youth Group that best expresses the spirit of youth, spirit of your school and enthusiasm for being out on the river.

Nyerna is a word from the Wemba Wemba language and it means - to sit, to listen, to hear, to remember-.

The winning school team will be judged on several areas:

How well you compete and how well you encourage your team mates to paddle well;

How well you engage with and encourage other schools and competitors;

How well your team contributes to the event with a sense of fun and respect.

This award is not based on your teams overall time.

2022 (Feb 2023) Winners

Not held



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