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Craft Rental and Trailer Space

Sydney Harbour Kayaks are once again providing some craft rental for the Massive Murray Paddle.

The rental includes space on a trailer each evening.

If you have your own craft, then we have trailer space for you as well


Single $645 - Call to book - 02-99694590

Double $699 - Call to book - 02-99694590


Below are the craft that are available for the 2024 Event

  • Mirage 732 - Double Kayak

  • Mirage 27s - 8.3m long custom made long double (super fast)

  • Mirage 582 - 5.8m Sit In Kayak

  • Mirage 583 - 5.8m Sit On Top Kayak

  • Mirage 532 - 5.8m Sit In Kayak

  • Mirage 533 - 5.8m Sit On Top Kayak

  • Fenn Swordfish - Surf Ski -

  • Fenn XTs - Surf Ski

  • Carbonology Boost - Surf Ski

  • Your craft can also include a MAKO Wing or flat blade Paddle and you must wear a lifejacket that we will also supply.

* If you are only looking for trailer space then phone us to book - BOOK HERE

The Trailer space is $395 per craft.

Your craft will be on our trailer from Day ZERO through to getting you back to Yarrawonga after the race finishes (Saturday 23th November)


Contact Sydney Harbour Kayaks: 02 9969 4590 



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