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Volunteers / Paddler Care


Get involved in helping everyone to become healthier, happier and better connected to their community; and to help those who are not.


Volunteering is not only a rewarding experience, but for many it is a social and enjoyable time that often has people signing up again and again.


This event relies significantly on the hard work and dedication of more than 50 volunteers, who play a vital role in the smooth operations of the event, which would not be possible without them. 


We need a similar number of volunteers each year to help operate a safe and enjoyable event for all. If you would like to be part of this iconic Australian adventure, we'd love you to help as a volunteer.


Check out the details on here and If you have any questions or would like further information about volunteering with the Massive Murray Paddle, please email The event organisers using the sign up form on the 'Contact Us' page.


Roles Available


A variety of roles are available for individuals, families and groups of people with a sense of adventure and are willing to help others enjoy an amazing experience.  


The event has numerous volunteer teams along the route and at each campsite. There are many volunteer roles and responsibilities available, so you're sure to find one that will suit you! Each volunteer brings their own unique skill set and experience, but please be aware that we do offer training and hold daily briefings to ensure all volunteers have the ability to effectively carry out their tasks.



Please note that we don't anticipate many "sitting" roles as most require lots of standing and walking, so a reasonable level of health and fitness is necessary.


Due to the similar physical demands each role involves, we hope that you'll allow us to allocate you to any of the roles listed below.

Please let us know if you can only perform roles with low physical activity.


  • On-Water patrol (kayaks / canoes)

  • Check Point Management

  • Traffic Management

  • Race Logistics

  • Land Patrol

  • First Aiders

  • Patrol Boat Captains

  • Paddler care


NOTE: All volunteers must have a First Aid Certification.

Contact us to get involved


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