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Special Day FIVE information - November 2023 - 415km

Gunbower Boat Ramp through to Koondrook Wharf

  • Day 5 Friday November 22 - Gunbower to Koondrook

   Full Distance/Relays:

  • DISTANCE 95km

What's NEW for the MMP NOVEMBER 2024 - Day FIVE

Start of Day Five - we will now be starting from the boat ramp on the Murray River at Gunbower - Link to google maps -

Finish of the MMP415 / Finish of Day Five - we are now finishing the race at the Koondrook Wharf in Koondrook - Link to google maps -


  • Start: Gunbower Boat Ramp at the end of Brereton Road, Gunbower

  • Check Point A - 22.5km - Intersection of Scotty Track and River Track

  • Check Point B - 24km - Intersection of Nursery Track and River Track

  • Check Point C  - 22.5km - Murray River Boat Ramp @ Yarran Creek on River Track

  • Finish - 26km - Koondrook Wharf @ Arbuthnot Street, Koondrook

What to expect - Driving through the Gunbower Forest

Day five of the Massive Murray Paddle will be run from the Gunbower boat-ramp, all the way down to the Koondrook wharf. It is a 95km paddle through a beautiful and very dense forest.

On water there are a huge amount of bends and straights bordered by generally steep banks with the odd sandy beach. Our check points for day five are a work in progress and potentially can get changed throughout of different scouting missions.

The Gunbower forest has a spiders web of tracks evolved over the past 100 years of forestry and farming life. These tracks are in various states of accessibility, some are well maintained and some are completely inaccessible.

Most of the day five course follows the RIVER Track; this track runs close to the river from Gunbower to Koondrook. The River Track is mostly maintained and a the majority of cars will be able to make the entire length of the track.

There are still difficulties and hazards on this track, especially if there is any rain.

During the leadup to Day Five, we will have Phase Zero (MMP Safety Team) inspect the track and advise on the conditions.

We strongly recommend that you do not tow your trailers through the forest; you need to drive along the high-way through to Koondrook to drop them off and then drive back to join the race.

There are several maintained cross tracks that join the highway to the River Track

CLICK HERE >>> NRMA Tips on driving on dirt roads

*** These cross tracks / alternative routes we recommend are ****
Remember that the track conditions can change; especially with any rain and/or environmental watering.
These tracks are really not ideal for larger trailers.
We suggest using these alternative routes for non 4x4 vehicles.

Getting to CP-A (sometimes the first couple of KMs of the River Track from the Start is poor)
From Gunbower Town down to CLEAVES Rd then right on Cohuna Island Road across to Tickells Road that turns in to STANTON BREAK and then right onto River Track.
Google Map details: - this way is 18.7km

Getting to CP-B
From the Murray Valley Highway (at WeeWeeRup) take Cleaves Road to Cohuna Island Road out to Batemans Road (becoming Batemans Track) and then left onto River Track.
Google Map Details:

From the Murray Valley Highway take Daltons Road to Cohuna Island Road out to Nursery Track and the CP is at the intersection of Nursery Track and River Track.
Google Map Details:

Getting to CP-C

From Cohuna Town - Take Cohuna Island Road out to Rifle Butt Rd/Track then veer left onto Five Sleeper Track and left onto River Track - Park at the Boat Ramp.
Google Map Details:


From the Murray Valley Highway take Daltons Road to Cohuna Island Road out to Nursery Track and the CP is at the intersection of Nursery Track and River Track.

Getting from CP-C to the FINISH

We DO NOT recommend driving the River Track from CP C to the Finish - 4x4 ONLY.

Due to the poor condition of most Gunbower Forest tracks - this is the recommended route from CP C around to Koondrook Finish (back via STANTONS BREAK)
- (60km / 1 hour 15 minutes)

1) - Take a left on River Track back to Five Sleeper Track then veer right to Rifle Butt Rd/Track and right onto Cohuna Island Road. At Cohuna follow the signs to Koondrook Wharf
Google Map Details:

2) - Take a right on River Track to a left on Iron Punt Track all the way to the highway. Take a right on the Murray Valley Highway and then follow the signs to Koondrook Wharf.
Google Map Details:

Paddler's Charts A3 size complete list - Download and Print:

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