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Full distance

The Massive Murray Paddle 2024 is on between

Monday 18 to Friday 22, November 2024.


Whether your preferred craft is a canoe, kayak, paddle board, out-rigger, dragon boat, stand-up paddleboard or even a surf boat, this challenge is tough but the memories and mateship will last forever.


With event options for beginners to advanced paddlers, individuals and groups, sign up and join the adventure!

Entry Options

  •  Individual paddlers;

    • Serious Racers

    • Recreational Paddlers

  •  Teams;

  •  Relays: You can have a relay of any amount of people - relay discounts apply 2 paddlers and over.

  •  School Team Relays;

  •  Dragon Boats

  •  The K4 Challenge;

  •  The 'Home-made / DIY' Challenge.


You can paddle for one day, two days or the entire five days. Set your own personal goals.

Aim for the following distances...





Recreational Kayaks  - Single

Recreational Kayaks  - Double
K1 - Racing Kayak Single
K2 - Racing Kayak Double    
K4 - Racing Kayak Quad
Canoe Single
Canoe Double / TC2

Canoe Double / Unlimited   
Canoe Quad    
Ocean / Surf Ski Single    
Ocean / Surf Ski Double       
OC1 - Outrigger Canoe Single    
OC2 - Outrigger Canoe Double    
SUP - Stand Up Paddle Board 

Surf Boat / Dragon Boats      
DIY - Home made Non Commercial or non kit form kayak or canoe       
MISC - The class you go in if you don't know where to go.

Important Paddler Note

Every craft will start during the morning time-slots from the designated starting line.
You (and your team-mates) will paddle as much as you need to accomplish your own personal distance goals.
At the starting line, you will be asked which checkpoint (or the finish line) you aim to finish at for that day.
For safety reasons, crafts will not be able to start mid-way throughout the day.

Gunbower to Koondrook is a HUGE 94km
The day will be broken up into 4 stages and you will be allocated a starting location (CP A, B or C)
based on your finishing time between Day ONE and Day FOUR.

This criteria, has been established so we can make sure that all paddlers are off the water by 5pm on this last day.

We will publish the qualifying times shortly.

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