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Massive Murray Paddle - Event HEALTH SUPPORT


Health support for the Massive Murray Paddle is provided at 4 levels.

Level 1: Paddler self/buddy aid 

At this level minor injuries not requiring immediate medical attention (blisters, small cuts, scratches, non-venomous bites etc…) can be treated immediately by paddlers. Each paddler must carry a small first aid kit and should be prepared to offer assistance to other paddlers if needed.

Level 2: Team first aid

At this level more serious injuries not requiring immediate medical attention can be treated by Ground Crew at checkpoints.

Examples may include: sprains, strains, chaffing, minor dehydration, blisters, minor illness etc… Ground Crew must carry a more substantial first aid kit capable of supporting each paddler in their team, as well as each member of the Ground Crew. Remember; as Ground Crew you will be traveling by vehicle through rural and remote areas, sometimes on dirt tracks, so be prepared.

Level 3: Event first aid

At this level immediate first aid for serious injuries/illnesses will be provided by Safety Team staff at checkpoints or from safety vessels. The intent of this level of first aid is to provide immediate response and coordinate the provision of Level 4 support.

Level 4: Emergency services support 

Any person may activate this level of support by calling 000 and requesting ambulance support. It is important to call 000 immediately in any medical emergency.

When calling Triple Zero (000) for an ambulance, a Telstra call taker will ask you:

•    Do you require police, fire or ambulance?
•    Which state are you calling from? (If you are calling from a mobile phone).

Your call will then be connected to a Triple Zero operator from the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) who will assist you.

Be ready to answer their questions as best you can:

•    What is the exact location of the emergency?
•    What is the phone number you are calling from?
•    What is the problem? What exactly happened?
•    How many people are hurt?
•    How old is the person?
•    Is the person conscious (awake)?
•    Is the person breathing?



Stay on the phone unless told to hang up. Follow the call taker’s instructions while waiting for the ambulance. These instructions will help the patient and the ambulance paramedics.


000 should be used for emergencies only.

For non-life threatening injuries/illnesses that require medical attention either contact the Safety Team or the nearest medical facility in any of the towns along the route.



















First Aid Kits

The following is a guide to the first aid equipment that may be carried by paddlers and Ground Crew. The lists are a guide only and each individual/team must select first aid supplies and equipment based on individual need. Medical advice should be sought when choosing first aid supplies, especially medicines.

Suggested Level 1 First aid kit (one per paddler)

The level 1 kit should be stored in a waterproof container and carried where it is immediately available from the cockpit of the vessel.

Antiseptic wipes
Sterile gauze swabs
Cotton tips
Iodine swabs
Elastic gauze bandage
Flexible active strips (e.g. Band-aid™)
Knuckle dressing
Absorbent non-adherent dressing
Burn aid gel sachet
Triangular bandage
Strapping tape
Medication as required

Suggested Level 2 First aid kit (one per team/vehicle)

1 Crepe bandage – 5cm x 1.5m
1 Crepe bandage – 7.5cm x 1.5m
1 Crepe bandage – 15cm x 1.5m
1 Heavy crepe bandage – 10cm x 1.5m
2 Triangular bandages – 110 x 110cm
2 Combine dressing pads – 10 x 10cm
1 Sterile wound dressing – No.14
2 Non-adherent dressings – 7.5 x 10cm
2 Eye pads – sterile (large)
1 Pack gauze swabs sterile – 7.5 x 7.5cm (pk 3)
1 Hypo-allergenic tape – 2.5cm x 9.1m
10 Antiseptic skin preparation swabs
3 Alcohol swabs
8 Saline steritubes – 15ml
1 Stainless steel sharp/blunt scissors – 12.5cm
1 Stainless steel sharp forceps – 12.5cm
1 Pack splinter probes/removers, sterile/disposable (pk 5)
1 Gloves nitrile disposable – medium (pk 2)
1 Resuscitation mask – disposable
1 Emergency shock blanket
1 Burns casualty sheet – 70 x 75cm (small)
1 Pack disposable towels (pk 3)
1 Pack safety pins – assorted (pk 12)
1 Plastic bag resealable – 150 x 230mm
1 UP sunscreen sachet 30+ – 100g
1 Notepad and pencil
1 Emergency First Aid Guide
1 Dressing universal small - 20 x 40cm
2 Island dressing large - 8.5 x 6cm
1 Strips adhesive in box (x 50)










Safety Director: 0400 589 095

Safety Ashore (for land-based safety issues):  0408 233 521

Safety Afloat (for on-water safety issues):  0418 203 123

Event Manager: 0413 005 787






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