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"The Massive Murray Paddle provides an opportunity for people to over come challenges, whilst forming lifelong bonds.
There is a cultural connection between the river,
the people and the land.“

Tony Lovett – Organiser of the Dungulayin Mileka Team
(An Indigenous Youth Group that has paddled the past 16 years)









Embodying the best of the spirit of Australia, the Massive Murray Paddle is a celebration of community and landscape. Now in its 53rd year, the marathon has long been supported by leading secondary schools as an elite sporting event for older students. Recent years have demonstrated that the event is hugely rewarding and achievable, even for younger students with little or no paddling experience. As a result of this experience, a key aim of the event is to continue building the marathon as one of Australia’s premier outdoor education experiences for secondary school students of all ages.

We have used the phrase “Connecting people, river and country” as we see the event as a platform for assisting those in need, generating business for the towns along its route and educating on the history of the river. At the heart of this iconic event is its mission to give back to the communities through which it passes and respect the culture of the River Murray and its origins.














The award that you will be competing for is the Nyerna Trophy.

This trophy will be presented to the high school that best expresses the spirit of youth, spirit of your school and enthusiasm for being out on the river.

Nyerna is a word from the Wemba Wemba language and it means - to sit, to listen, to hear, to remember.


The winning school team will be judged on several areas:

  • How well you compete and how well you encourage your team mates to paddle well;

  • How well you engage with and encourage other schools and competitors;

  • How well your team contributes to the event with a sense of fun and respect;

  • This award is not based on your teams overall time.












"At Blue Mountains Grammar School, we're keenly aware of the value of outdoor education and Australia's natural environment.

In addition to our school based programs that make regular use of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, BMGS has been involved in the Massive Murray Paddle for several years.


The MMP is a fantastic event that provides a great adventure for our students in a dynamic environment along Australia's Murray River.  Our students learn about their country and themselves as they take on a personal challenge, accept responsibility, collaborate with others and have fun whilst having a go. They also also raise funds to assist with local community programs and projects.  They're all great outcomes".




Blue Mountains Grammar School






























Paddling in relay legs as part of a school team for five days over more than 400 river kilometers, the paddle challenges and supports the youth of Australia with an unforgettable, life-shaping experience. Depending on how you set up your team, students can paddle as little as one leg per day, traveling perhaps 20km in two or three hours.

For the other three legs, your team partners take over at the relay points to paddle their leg
– it’s easy, and fun!


The event is professionally managed by Sydney Harbour Kayaks & Mirage Sea Kayaks, with proven risk and safety management procedures provided by Phase Zero.

Click on the file above to download 
The 2016 Report on the MMP by Blue Mountains Grammar School
Day One 2018 (222).JPG
DSC_7653 (2).JPG

• Commitment and keenness, not necessarily experience.
Students with at least a moderate level of fitness, a dollop of enthusiasm, and a willingness to ‘give it a go’ can participate, be challenged and enriched by the five days on the river.

Years 7-10 are especially suited to the event – and watch out boys, the girls can paddle fast!

• Teams can be a minimum of four, paddling single kayaks, one each over four legs – or up to 8-10, with two paddlers for each of four legs per day;

• Schools from NSW and Victoria have shown that active input from parents is essential – get your Mum, Dad or teachers involved – they may want to paddle, too!

• At least one or two teachers and a group of parents are needed to accompany and help organise each school team, even if they are not paddling;

• The MMP has always supported those in need, so choose a good local community service or national cause that you’d like to support – get friends and family to sponsor your big adventure on the Massive Murray Paddle!
If your school or group is interested then please get in touch and we can call or visit your school or youth group.
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