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Fund Raising using the Massive Murray Paddle

The paddlers, that have raced in the MMP between the 2016 and 2022 paddlers have raised over $900,000 and over 3500 volunteer hours for local charities and community service programs.

For the past 53 years the Massive Murray Paddle / Murray Marathon has been raising money for people in need or important community projects. This spirit of giving is what has made this event an iconic and great event to be involved in.


The biggest difference from past years is that you now will need to decide who to fund-raise for.

The criteria of entering the MMP is that you must have a cause that you represent.


We feel that the best method in choosing your cause is to find something important to you or important to your local community.


The title, community-driven programs allows for a broad definition and therefore allows you to be involved in many different types of organisations.


Charities - large or Small

Scouts groups

Local Football clubs

Kayak / Canoe clubs

Other local sports clubs

Youth groups

Indigenous services

Schools - your school



If you are involved in a relay or team then you are allowed to support a different group per paddler.


What you must do between now and the end of the paddle at Swan Hill, is start fund raising.


By fund-raising we also would include donating your time to assist; in many local communities, sometimes lending a hand for a few hours is sometimes more important than giving cash.


If you are a charity or community service provider, then please get a team together and register for the MMP and use this event as a fund-raising initiative.


Please get involved, donate time or cash or better yet, do both. Don't do it alone, get the support of your family and friends.


You will need to keep track on what you have done and let us know prior to the event and during the event. We will be celebrating your generosity throughout the event and remember the winner of the Massive Murray Paddle is not just the fastest paddler, you need to dig deep.



1) Set up an account to help track your fund raising, get your friends, family and local businesses to help you.

Use fundraising websites like Every Day Hero  or Mycause

Simply set up a page, link to your cause and send out your link for people to donate.


2) Think of the 415km paddle is smaller terms; have people sponsor you for sections of the river.

Try for $1 per km, this is then an easy $415 raised.


3) If you are in a local sports club, then you can run a sausage sizzle (even ask the local butcher to donate the snags) or a car-wash.




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